Various Videos of the Hair Thieves

Deep Down You Know That I'm Wrong

First video off EP6.

Beijing Morning Remix

E did a new mix of Beijing Morning with a new video for it.

Beijing Morning (EP5)

Bridgnorth Music Festival 2012 by Tracy Breeze

"Break The Casino" from EP1 performed at Gabrielle's Wine bar in Bridgnorth.

Shorewards (EP2)

Made using the PC game "The Movies". Shame they stopped developing it.

Fables and the Deconstruction

Made as a test video for some of Chris' abstract photography a couple of years ago.

The Beguiled (EP3) from Bridgnorth Music Festival 2008

Local random dancer Michael of no fixed dance step joins us as we played on The Quayside during Bridgnorth Music Festival 2008. Courtesy of twistedradiotv on Youtube.

Bridgnorth Music Festival 2011 by Phil Noakes

Montage of images from the Castle Grounds gig in September 2011. Filmed by Phil Noakes. Uses our tune "Boeotia" from EP1.

Bridgnorth Music Festival & Arts Festival from Phil Noakes on Vimeo.